pma young crew Terms and Conditions

The pma young crew welcomes all people interested in project management until the age of 30 (for 2018: born 1987 or later). The first participation in a pma young crew get2gether or in the pma young crew Opening Event/Closing Event is free of charge in order to get to know the pma young crew and its activities. Participation in any further events requires a pma young crew membership (annual fee EUR 30,--, free of VAT).

Personal members and employees of our corporative members are welcome to participate in pma young crew events until the age of 35 (for 2018: born 1982 or later).

A pma young crew membership requires the attendance of at least three pma young crew events per year. If a member attends less than 3 events per year, the membership will automatically be upgraded to a personal membership and the member will be charged the price difference (annual fee for personal membership: EUR 95,- free of VAT) at the end of the year. All pma young crew events count equally regardless of their type (e.g. get2gether, Opening Event, corporate event, Closing Event, …)

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