pma certification body

Organisation of the pma certification body

The certification body of PROJEKT MANAGEMENT AUSTRIA is a self-sufficient, economically independent organisation department of pma. The pma certification body is responsible for the organisation and marketing of the various certification processes as well as the authorisation of the certification candidates.

The pma assessors are independent PM-experts from various branches of business. All pma assessors are certified Senior Project Managers. Their area of responsibility contains the assessment of the candidates' application forms and the conduction of interviews and workshops.

Quality management

The quality guide of the pma certification body describes the existing QS-System and is the basis for the whole certification process.

The QS-guide contains information about the business policy of the pma certification body, the administrative and organisational structure, the certification processes, the re-certification and development of pma assessors as well as regulations concerning documentations, publications and complaints.

Validation of the pma certification process

The ICB® (IPMA® Competence Baseline) and the ICRG (IPMA® Certification Regulations and Guidelines) represent the basis for the national certification processes.

Based on the agreement between the IPMA® and the national PM member association, the certification body is obliged to comply with these guidelines.

The validation of the national certification body by IPMA® ensures their conformity to the ICB® and the global recognition of certificates issued by the national certification system. For this reason IPMA® conducts periodically audits.

Complaints department

To handle complaints pma has a complaints department.

Contact: Jean-Amedee Boni

Please find the contact form here.

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