IPMA Level A

Certification as Project Director, cPD


  • specialist knowledge in accordance with the latest pm baseline and ICB4


  • valid certification as Senior Project Manager
  • experience as programme manager, PM office manager or project
    portfolio manager for the last three years at least 
  • at least two publications and two presentations on the subject of project management 

participation in a certification briefing

certification fee:

The certification fee for the certification as Project Director is for

  • non-members EUR 2.915,00 (= EUR 2.650,00 + 10% VAT EUR 265,00)
  • pma members EUR 2.618,00 (= EUR 2.380,00 + 10% VAT EUR 238,00) - except pma young crew members


The following options support your preparation for certification as Project Director

  • the seminars of the pma training partners  
  • the IPMA Advanced Training Courses
  • various courses at university
  • PM degree courses of technical colleges 
  • PM seminars of other organizers
  • IPMA directive of competences (ICB4), the latest pm baseline & additional literature

The application documents for the IPMA Level A certification can be found here:

icon Info folder_PD_V1.1_en (376.01 kB)
icon Application form_PD_V1.0_en (48.38 kB)
icon Executive Summary Report_PD_V1.0_en (36.68 kB)
icon Self Assessment_PD_V1.0_en (36.84 kB)

 other certification level:


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